It’s only possible to achieve the quality we desire by complying with ethical rules and protecting our Nature. A healthy work environment, a clean periphery, and the satisfaction of our customers are the signs that we are on the right track.


Since our establishment in 1955, our main aim is not only to heat your homes, but also to warm your heart. From the designing of our stoves to the tightening of the last screw, we prefer the usage of the latest and best technologies.

Hereby keeping the carbon dioxide emissions low and preventing the spread of dust and ashes, because we care about health.

We know that it is not easy to produce traditional stoves under healthy conditions, but your satisfaction and our enthusiasm for doing our work with love motivates us.

We started producing stoves 66 years ago. Today the 3rd generation has taken over and with innovative technologies we continue to contribute to the art of “traditional stove” productions.

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